Wednesday, November 09, 2011

My precious Fur Baby

Today my beautiful cat went to the Summerland to wait for me to arrive.
Gizmo was a loving and wonder cat, she didn't like many people but loved me no matter what.
She was given to me from a friend who said she was just to much for her family to handle and was never anything but loving with me.  She died in my arms surrounded by those who loved her.
the week before she passed

hiding while we unpacked


always by my pillows

sitting with Torrie

not her kitten but she picked her from the litter

what a sweet face

lol love this


Vicky said...

Sherry I am so sorry about Gizmo - Big Hugs to you my friend...

Anonymous said...

As I've told you before, I am so sorry about Gizmo. They really do crawl into our hearts and take a piece when they leave. I have an angel garden in my backyard with headstones and beautiful flowers and such and I tend to it and talk to them. My sweet baby fur heaps.

Anonymous said...

So sorry you lost your beloved Gizmo....