Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Why I have been Missing in Blogland

Well HELLOOOOOOOO everyone!  I hope I was missed LOL I have missed the world to BLOG!
After a month off work, I am finding it hard to get back into the swing of things, not at work but combining home and work. 
This is my FAVORITE time of the year, both Autumn and SAMHAIN aka Halloween.  I had big plans for this year, I was going to have all my seasonal cross stitches 'finished' into ornaments or pillows or wall hangings.  I was going to put up my Samhain tree put out my wooden ornaments, put up my seasonal altar and yet all I have done is work sleep computer and play!
You see, there is this man, yes a man who is NOT attached in anyway to any woman except through divorce papers, which I might add the ink is long dried even if the divorce is still being finalized.  He has moved back to his home province (Ontario where I live) and his step daughter and sister live and all his friends except for those he left in Alberta.  He is a very smart man, was a science and math teacher, a principal of a school, taught survival training and has a degree in Eco something or other LOL
He was my biggest crush in highschool and I would cheat on anyone I was dating as soon as S gave me that look... ladies you know the LOOK he was the bad boy in highschool and I fell for him bad!
He came home last year to visit friends and family while the big D was trying to be worked out and we had an awesome weekend together getting reaquainted. 
I can sit and listen to him talk for hours on end and still do, he will say he is babbling but I tell him to shut up and keep talking lol  He is very intelligent and it is awesome to have someone I can debate things with and still want to cuddle up with afterwards.  He is a great father to his step-daughter and to his son who he calls every single night, I got to be a party to a conversation or two and they have a great bond, him and J. (names removed for privacy)
Anyway we have been on a few dates, went to a fair, dinner, walks etc he calls because he wants to see me, not the otherway around for a change.  It's very refreshing, although he is not ready to stay over or have me stay over and there is no relationship talk as we are keeping it on a friends with benefits level however he does talk of next spring, next summer etc so I am cool with that.  One step at a time and for once I feel treasured and very happy in my skin.
I have been knitting more than anything, dishclothes and such and working as much as I can to get myself out of debt.  It is a very slow process as I don't want to over work myself and end up nuttier than I all ready am.
I don't know where the whole S & S thing will go and I am not looking long term at this point, I just know we make each other happy we talk about our past and joke about it and we talk about our married lives and our kids and what makes each other tick and I LOVE every conversation with this man... I know slow down or you will be in love lol I tell mysel I don't love him all the time but a part of me does and as long as I keep that part quiet, everything will be fine.  I don't think this is a love LOVE FOR LIFE love, but a love with someone who knows me so well he still can tell what is on my mind even when I don't say it.
holy shit I am babbling now LOL
OH I forgot I am addicted to Pinterest it is awesome!  I think I spend more time there than Facebook LOL

Goddess Bless dear ones I have missed you all!  Samhain post coming soon!

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CircesMagic said...

I'm so happy you guys are spending time together and I am so happy I got you addicted to Pinterest! Love you sister!