Saturday, November 26, 2011

Sweet Mother Moon!

I have been following this wonderful blog Becoming a Witch A witch's journal about living a magical life
I have found a real connection with WillowWitch's blog it is an easy read and I find it very magical! 
To the point of this post lol I do tend to turn left A LOT as you well know LOL
She had the most amazing post called Daughter's of the Moon Lesson One and being the night owl that I am and the fact that I love the Moon so much it really hit home to me, I don't tell Mother Moon often enough that I love her and thank her for filling me with her energies every day.  Now working nights I am usually outside smoking looking up at her smiling and saying hello etc and some days I do remember to thank her for filling me with her love and energies, but in her post she talked about setting up a simple altar to Mother Moon as a way to connect with her more often and even if it is daytime, I visualize the silver rays coming down and making the connection I feel when I am out in her beauty! 
So here are a couple of pictures of my altar, it is just a shelf a friend made for me years ago out of wood, a tealight candle, my heart stone I found on the shore years ago my Buddha inscence holder and a small trinket box I found a Value Village with a picture of the Moon on it.  I put a moonstone, amethyst, quartz crystal, and having a mental block to the others I place inside.  Glued to the center of the shelf is a wonderful hand painted heart of a raven sitting in the moonlight and above the altar is the placque I bought this summer in Indiana of the Moon and Goddess.  On the rest of the wall are the pictures of Mother Moon and Father Sun that my sister Shannon drew me and I also hung up the lid of the trinket box showing Mother Moon. 
Here, finally are a few pictures YAH!!
Altar to Mother Moon

View of the wall, in the Blue bottle above is my Moon water I charge each
Full Moon, inside is my rose quartz sea turtle!

Isn't the Raven Moon Heart amazing and the Moon Goddess!
 A quote from Willow Witches blog "I would ask that you find Me in the sky once a day or more, if possible, and pray to Me. I also ask that once a day you light a candle or two at your altar and do a brief ritual. If you cannot do one on a particular day, be sure to do the other".

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Anonymous said...

So gorgeous! You know how I love my altars. Just brings a sense of completeness to me.