Monday, December 26, 2011

It's OVER!!

Yah! Christmas is over for another year... it is so strange not having anyone home Christmas morning guess that is why the kids woke me 3 times the day before to do their stockings lol
They got their gifts at Yule so it didn't take long to do the stockings, but it sucked going into work with broken sleep I had a really hard time keeping awake.
Now to get through NYE at work, everyone seems to be so great about looking for reservations and shit early, but there are still those last minute people who don't get the fact at NYE is the same date every year but call or email at the last minute to get into restaurants and clubs that were booking 2 months ago for this last night of 2011.  GET WITH IT PEEPS!!!

I am working the 31st to the 3rd then I am going to clean my house inside out!  Do a major smudging of all rooms, closets, corners etc and welcome the excitement of what is to come in 2012.
I plan on going to Indiana again, this time for July long weekend and stay a few extra days, have the whole weekend off for Pagan pride in September and plan on driving up to see Shannon's family and spend as much time as I can with the new witch who will be born the beginning of April!!

Can't wait to start reading The Real Witches' Year by Kate West.  It begins on January 1st!  I am going to really start working with my Tarot cards and more with my pendulms, one is scary acurate and the other 2 well they seem to answer what the other person wants to hear.  Have to fix those for sure.

Remember that, like nature, God and Goddess are always with and around you, as are your angels, all you need to do is acknowledge and love them as well as yourself!  Many Blessings for 2012

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CircesMagic said...

SQUEEEeeeee let me know so I can request some time off :)