Friday, January 27, 2012

PBP 2012 Week 4 brought to you by the letter Bb

This week for the letter 'Bb' I have picked the colour black.
When people think of Witches they think of black cats, black cloaks, black boots, black cats etc.  Kind of like this...

The Witches of MacBeth
 I personally have always loved the colour black and that was long before I became a witch.  Mind you, I do have a black cloak, black hat, black shoes and of course have a deep love for cats especially my outdoor neighbourhood black cat we named Hecate.  However it is not always a BAD colour to be associated with.

According to a colour chart I have for witchcraft; Black is associated with the following,

Signifies: Negation without reflecting, unlocking when stuck, banishing evil or negativity.
Holiday- Samhain
Planet- Saturn
Day - Saturday
Deities- The Crone
Astrological Sign: Scorpio & Capricorn

I am in the Crone aspect of life having had a hysterectomy, being 47 and being wiser than the younger generation (sometimes).  I don't look like the typical 'Crone' nor do my other friends in the same period of their lives who are Pagan/Wiccan/Druid etc.  Samhain IS and always will be my favorite Sabbat and Hecate is one of my patron Deities - also associated with the colour.

I do not do Black magick I do not put hexes on people which some think is associated with Black however I do use it to keep negative energies from my home, I use it for scrying and some of my favorite stones are black.

 Of course there are so many more and according to the International Colored Gemstone Association, there are more than 40 different varieties of gemstones, such as diamonds, sapphires and pearls and include both precious and semi-precious stones. Out of all these colored stones, black is the color chosen by designers and fashion forward people alike as a basic staple for any wardrobe.

Another colour correspondence lists the colour as Black - Dramatic, committed, serious. Mysterious, containing potentials, restful or fearful.

Black is associated with mystery and the great unknown. It is believed that wearing black or grey stones in jewelry, or clothing, suppresses and protects the emotions while portraying the wearer as mysterious, sexy, and sophisticated.

Black banishes and absorbs negativity, it is symbolic of outer space and the universe. Black is the absence of all color. In some cultures black represented fertility, in others it represented wisdom. It is often linked with evil and in many cultures, black is the color of mourning.
According to *found while surfing* In candle magick: Black candles, which are ruled by Saturn, can be potent in all forms of banishing magic, for leaving behind old sorrows and redundant relationships, for acknowledging grief and for rituals of parting. Black, like brown, is the color of acceptance, whether of a restriction or of the frailties of self or others, and so it is a candle color of forgiveness. Black is another earth color, containing both male and female energies. Rituals using these candles are best practiced on a Saturday. Use with jet, obsidian, tourmaline and onyx.

So people, give us a break, we don't wear our ritual clothes or witch's garb everyday and to say the colour black means evil... go in your closet, TOSS OUT the following items then... Black blazer, dress pants, that little black dress, skirts, jeans, t-shirts, purses and shoes because well if black is EVIL then maybe you shouldn't wear it so often!
looks like my cat Buddy

Cats in Hats LOvE this

Amazing Robe!

A future tattoo

love this picture
May the God and Goddess bless and keep you well this week, until we meet again.. as is said, Merry Meet, Merry Part and Merry Meet again...


Harzgeist said...

As far as I'm aware, black is not the absence of colour, but the presence of all colours at the same time.
But anyway: nice post! I'm one of those whose wardrobe consists mainly of black items, too. For me, black is the best choice on days when I don't feel safe.

Sherry )O( AutumnTurtle said...

Having a social anxiety disorder and borderline personality disorder I feel that way daily lol

Anonymous said...

I was in a Coven with two other woman. We were the Maiden (wore a white robe) The Mother (wore a red robe) and The Crone (wore a black robe).

I was The Mother. The Maiden was actually the oldest by a decade. I believe how we feel, not our age, makes us either the Maiden Mother or Crone. Funny thing too, The Crone was the youngest ; )

Loved this post girlie. I just joined the Pagan Blog Project and am having a blast with it.

Wendy S. said...

I'm also a black cat lover and the ridiculous superstitions about black cats and the color in general needs to be rethought of. I love how you mentioned that black is the color of acceptance and forgiveness. Good job :)

Helpful Teresa said...

This is a great post. I am also a 47 year old crone, due to a hysterectomy when I was 34. But its all in your head, I live like I'm in my late 20s and feel that way physically too.
My wardrobe is largely black also, I think I look good in it. I also have my bedroom drapes black, I work overnites and need it dark to sleep during the day!
If you'd like to participate, you've been tagged:

Weissdorn said...

I know that affinity for black. My mortar and pestle are made of black Aksehir marble - a treasured thing I bought in Turkey.