Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Still off work and shit

So much has been happening in my life lately, from people that I figured were fixtures in my office being fired to doctor's appointments being fucked up and of course the getting very close to the legal wedding of my oldest son.

My short term disability has come to an end and I now have to wait to the end of August for money that will come monthly until I return to work, if that happens.  Of course it is also only 60% of my gross monthly earnings so that sucks big time for me.  I have accepted the fact I can't do things myself much anymore so I now have a great guy renting my 2nd bedroom from me and he is very handy around the house and has fixed things including the switching of my hard-drives so I can access all my cross stitch patterns etc.

Also, thanks to my neighbour Lisa, I have met a wonderful man named Randy who is so sweet and wonderful, I love spending time with him and his grand-kids, who are Lisa's kids.  We have movie night almost every evening and sit and cuddle and talk for hours, he is 5 years older than I am, an ex military man and retired steel worker and a total and complete gentleman!  I have invited him to be my date for the wedding and he has invited me to the 150 year anniversary of the Armories.  My trader dog loves him to death and cuddles with him while we watch movies.

I go for my MRI on July 29th and will be glad when that is done and then I have a balance test on August 2nd and then I wait for the results to be completed and we go from there.  I haven't had any real stress lately so there has been no fainting or passing out, but the being off balance and dizzy really is truly a pain in the damn ass!

I had decided to look into a laptop for the basement where I could play with putting more patterns into the program that my online distributor uses so I can earn some extra money and Randy being the sweet man that he is has offered to loan me his back-up laptop so I can do this... told you he was a keeper LOL

I can't wait to see my witch sisters and daughters and granddaughter very soon for the wedding, it is what is keeping me going right now besides dating Randy and the 'Porch Bitch' Association that we have each night on my porch with a few of the neighbours.  

I miss my 2 youngest son's, Ryan was down for about 10 days the end of June and I miss him so much and of course Joe is working 2 jobs all summer for his 2nd year of college coming up so I don't see him very often at all.  
Mike and Rhonda moved out of my place and are now living above me however I am not sure they will stay there and I am now ok with that.  I need to let them lead their own lives and I need to be stress free.

Well on that note, May the arms of the God and Goddess hold you and keep you safe while you do your daily things.  I am making red velvet and chocolate velvet cakes tomorrow to put in the freezer for the wedding, so I am off to dream land with my Pug.


Vicky said...

Great to hear from you Sherry and a wonderful postive post :)

Anonymous said...

Weddings are so beautiful and so STRESSFUL! Here's to this medical enigma being solved and the wedding going off without a hitch.

So Mote it Be.