Monday, September 10, 2012

Hamilton Pagan Pride is SUNDAY!!!!!

This year is our 10th anniversary and it is going to be a 2 day weekend of fun!
Saturday I will be attending 2 workshops.

Brigid Magic: Rituals & Inner Journeys with Selena Fox
10am to 1pm

Attune to and work with the Celtic Goddess Brigid for healing, inspiration, and transformation. Learn old and new ways of working with Brigid symbols, lore, and aspects. Take part in a ritual experience that includes invocations, chants, meditations, and an energy working for healing and well-being of self, others, and the planet.


Full Contact Magick: How to raise and direct magickal energy
With Kerr Cuhulain

How do we raise and direct magickal energy easily and instantly? In Karate there is an old adage: "Chi follows I" (energy follows intent). This reads like a definition of magick, doesn't it? Full Contact Magick involves understanding how to fully access and use your magickal energy. Join Kerr in a discussion about effectively tapping into the magic and energy within us all!

Followed on the Sunday with a day at Gage Park with vendors, free workshops and so much more fun!

The best part is my sisters will be there Faith, Jen and Shannon and our daughter Kyla and our Grandbaby Ellie!  I look so forward to this every year and to get to take a workshop with Selena Fox I AM SCREAMING with excitement!!!!!!

More to come on both days including pictures!

Blessed Be!

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Anonymous said...

Sounds exciting! I hope you have a blast!