Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Struggling with Life right now

not sure why but it seems life is closing in on me right now.  At first I thought it was just the empty nest syndrome, but now there is so many other things happening I know it is my depression and my anxieties spinning.

As you know I have met a wonderful man, in the last month he has quit drinking and it has been tough on him but now he is using every excuse to not come over and watch movies like we both enjoy doing, I thought after the shakes and the anger things would smooth out, but I was wrong.  Now I feel like he is avoiding me all together.  I don't know what is happening anymore.  His son and lovely daughter in-law warned me he gets like this but didn't know he would be pushing me away like this.
I know, Sherry suck it up, but I really like this man and he is such a good man and a wonderful grandfather I just question if it is the booze that liked me or him and now I feel horribly rejected.

His son said 'Sher give him the silent treatment' but I am so over games I don't want too and he is planning a 2 week bike ride and mini vacation up north, so I want to see him as much as possible before he leaves.

I feel like I am in some kind of limbo and am unsure of what to say or do.

Sorry for the tears and the ranting, Brightest Blessings!


Kay Mendoza said...

I read your story and want to share with you that I too had ben going thrugh this before. I wont say "suck it up" because that just isnt how its going to work.

I'll say.. read a good book, take a bath, if you would like, go to my page and take one of the cleansing baths you see there.

Life is always going to be tough, but I hope this problems gets fixed and you find relaxation soon. Blessings.

Anonymous said...

When my brother (who was an alcoholic for 20 years) quit drinking he had a very long adjustment period to just living life without a bottle in his hand. He had to learn how to experience feelings without drowning. He had to learn how to do everyday things that he didn't do before because people enabled him. It was life changing and he still tells me 20 years later that the transition from drunk to recovering alcoholic was the hardest time of his life. He was self medicating a mental illness (as most alcoholics do) and had to face that illness without his "medication" of booze. I watched that transformation and I can attest that it did take time and we did have to let him do it at his pace and in his way.

Sherry )O( AutumnTurtle said...

Thank you ladies! I know I just need to be a little more patient it is a huge change for him. I haven't liked a man like this in a long time and I get I am waiting for the shoe to drop and he will be gone. I will just chill out lol

Anonymous said...

Your blog is nothing but a pity party. What a waste of time. How ridiculous to post your personal issues and problems in a blog that is disguised as wiccan/pagan. Grow up and stop your whining. And while you're at it, change the name of your blog so that more people aren't fooled into clicking on it and reading this crap. What does any of this have to do with being wiccan/pagan??? I don't see you believing in much besides self-pity, attention-seeking, and drama.

Anonymous said...

Everyone goes through dark times. Hang in there! The Lady will guide you, listen to your heart, not your depression. Bright Blessings!