Monday, December 17, 2012

Amazing Lyrics! I am Pagan and I'm Proud!

I found this on Facebook and thought it was freaking amazing!
(By: © 2004 PJ Seale -

I am pagan, and I’m proud

I am pagan, gonna shout it loud
I am pagan, want the world to know
That I follow the Goddess
and she rocks my soul

Don’t need your bible
I’ve got the wisdom of the crone
Don’t need your heaven
Into this life I’m reborn
No ten commandments
One fills the bill
An’ it harm none, do what you will

Don’t need your churches
The world’s my sacred space
Don’t need your angels
I’ve got fairies in their place
We raise the spirit
Most every night
When we dance the fire
in the pale moonlight

Well you take your path
And I’ll take mine
A little tolerance
And we’ll both be fine
Keep an open mind
It’ll set you free
And Goddess bless,
so mote it be

Are you pagan? Are you proud?
Are you pagan? Then shout it loud!
If you’re pagan,
let the whole world know
That you follow the Goddess
‘cause she rocks your soul

***Listen to this song on youtube:

*The Coven Avalon

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