Sunday, January 27, 2013

1st Post for 2013

Happy New Year

Well it is now 2013 and I thought it would be a fantastic year... started with the plague followed by the flu LOL nope not great.

I am however following my wiccan/pagan path more this year than ever before.  It is like it is calling me to become more active and more involved with the craft.
I have started taking Reiki with the wonderful Rhonda at Whiteflame Candle Company and I love it! 
The beautiful Rhonda!

Also started taking a 2 day Tea Leaf reading workshop with the wonderful Amy Lou Taylor being hosted at Treasures for the Soul.  Day one was awesome day two will be even more insightful! 
The Amazing Amy!

What i am learning!
Tea leaf reading!
The Awesome Claudia!

Owner of Treasures for the Soul

I have even started to gather and put together a book list of what I want to read and I want to read a Lot! lol  However here are the newest additions for my reading:

got it

got it

got it

got it

got it

I haven't found this one yet
got it
 Well that is my plan for the beginning of 2013, it is going to be amazing with any luck I will be moving up to my sister's beautiful property up north this year where she and I can heal.  Shannon and I always work our Magickal and Spiritual paths well together.  We are truly Soul Sisters!!

~~Blessed Be my sisters and brothers!! May God and Goddess bless you, and remember to thank them for all they do in your life~~


Anonymous said...

You seem very happy and at peace. With that outlook anything is possible.

Dede said...

Your classes sound like so much fun! Lucky girl! I hope that you will be able to move and be with your sister. That will be so much fun! Wishing you a terrific week, stay well my friend!


Mabon Stitcher said...

I have the "Goddess in the details" book and enjoyed reading it. ( has it)