Monday, November 30, 2009

Moving! Changing!

I hope this post finds you and your families well! 
I will be spending the next week moving my apartment filled with boxes and more next door to my new apartment, of course they are calling for snow!
I am looking at this as MY time to change more than just my address. 
  • I am giving up someone in my life who is not good for me we broke up for a reason and the reason to keep him around is toxic to me. 
  • I am changing my attitude about a lot of things, if I don't try to do new things I will forever live inside my self impossed prison.
  • I realize I am important in my own eyes and it is time I started to treasure the Goddess within!
  • It is time to study my spiritual life more.
  • Time to start taking up something good for me, printed off the running program my sister sent and bought a pair of running shoes and am going to put them to use!
  • I am going to start taking ALL my medications, lets see if these cholesterol deposits around my eyes disapear on their own.
  • I plan on daily meditations and using my time more wisely.
  • Doing housework on a daily basis not just when I wait for the kid do it.
  • Going to start saving some money so I can visit some friends this coming summer or next.
  • Going to try to reach my goals at work so I can get off the phones and back where I should be.
In plain language, I am taking back my life!  It is mine and mine alone and I don't want to waste what I have left of it. 

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