Tuesday, December 08, 2009

Finally Moved In & Back Online!

Well we are finally moved in.  Moving was not fun as expected however when the staircases are narrow and the top half of the walls are stucco, it makes for some creative words coming out of my son's mouth LOL

As with all moves, only a few people actually showed up, Joe's friend's Dan and Ryan were a huge help and his girlfriend Ashley helped on the Sunday.  Mel and Peggy came to visit and Peg totally got my room ready to be moved and without my friend Mary I would not be as far along as I am!

We found out that a Queen sized box spring does NOT fit up the stair well and neither does my wooden TV cabinet in my room or my cherrywood dresser and sadly neither did my BIG screen TV!
The cats are adjusting way better than I thought they would, but at first it wasn't good. 

Today the people that are taking my big screen TV are going to bring my loveseat and chair up for me since Joe has been busy with work and then all he will have to bring up is all the VCR tapes and the cabinet that they go in and my bedroom TV will have to sit on in the livingroom.

I have so much unpacking to do but sadly have no idea where I am going to put anything.  I have to get shelves put up in my room for my nicknacks and I have to get a stand-up dresser for my clothes.  I have to buy a pantry for the kitchen since the cabinets are hung from the ceiling and I can't reach them at all LOL  but, at least Joe has a room where all his stuff goes and he can close his door!!!

It is much different living on the 2nd floor of a house than the main floor, and OMG did I mention my calves are killing me not to mention those stairs may very well be the death of me yet!

Well off to unpack more!
OMG I have to do the stairs again because I NEED to do laundry!! waaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhh

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Dede said...

So glad that you are moved and back online. Once you start unpacking, everything will find its place. When I moved into a second floor apartment, the stairs and I were not friends. After a couple of weeks, they didn't bother my body any longer. LOL