Sunday, December 20, 2009

LOL ok it is not just me!

I came home from work this morning after a HORRIBLE night!  I have only ever had 2 panic attacks at work before and last night made 3.  I am not sure what brought it on, I was stressed because I am still on the phones and not in the department I was in before the lay off of early in the year, I am worried about my best friend's dad being in the hospital and needing surgury and unfortunately she shuts down when things go off in her life so I know I just have to wait until she is ready to talk, but I worry.  It is too close to Christmas and I have no decorations up and no cookies baked and still have a few things to wrap, I should be happy I don't have to venture out into the malls!  I get to see both my son's on Christmas day and my grandson Christmas eve and sometime this week have to get out to my parents with their gifts as I won't see them on Christmas.
I just kind of blew a gasket at work luckily for me the manager in let me go into close mode so I didn't have to take anymore calls for the night and I just tried to mellow out which didn't work.  All prayers welcomed!
Anyway to the title of the blog, I got home this morning and Joe tells me he also had an experiance with the man in the workboots.  He was sleeping on our couch and had the same feeling that someone walked across the floor and was standing over him, when he opened his eyes he saw a shadow and then it was gone.
If he can hear and sense it Mike is going to be super sensitive to it as he has really strong abilities, or maybe Joe's are strong than I realized.  He fights it though he is very logical and hates it because he can't make sense of it.

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Dede said...

So sorry to hear you had a horrible night at work. Don't stress over the decorations, pick out a few and go with it. Cookies can be bought at the bakery on the way home, make a hot toddy and wrap with some music. We can't do it all no matter what we seem to think. So looking forward to seeing if Mike experiences the man in the work boots.