Friday, December 18, 2009

Spirits and Visitors

Before moving into my new apartment I knew there were little cat spirits here, however last night something odd happened.  First I should mention 2 of my 3 cats love playing with the little cat spirits however my middle cat is not too sure about it all.
Anyway, last night I was napping on the couch waiting for Joe(son #2) to come home from work and as clear as anything, I heard the heavy footsteps of boots walking across the floor over to the loveseat I was napping on and just stop. Now normally Joe would say 'Mom' before going to his room or lean on me and say goodnight.  I had that eerie feeling of someone staring down at me, so I slowly opened my eyes and rolled over and there was no one there so I thought Joe had gone to his room.  Odd I didn't here the door, normally I hear the door when he comes in.  I called for him and got no answer so I got up put on my pants and knocked on his bedroom door, nothing I opened it and he wasn't there so I checked the bathroom, kitchen and finally the door nothing!  I don't know who it was and I know they were just checking on me, but it was a little odd. 
My last home didn't have any spirits, and that use to bother my oldest Mike, he was use to every place we lived having some kind of spirit in it they would turn lights off and on, open cabinet doors the usual but the place I just moved from, nothing.  He hasn't been here yet, and I know it is going to excite him to feel the activity that is here, I am not telling him anything and see if he can still pick up on the energies like he use to.
Blessing to you all!


Mel said...

What an exciting story. I do hope your spirit is friendly though.
I have lived in a house with many spirits and enjoyed all but one. But we managed to contain the 'evil' one to a locale that we could avoid. I hope you'll keep us apprised of any further activity!

Dede said...

How exciting Sherry! Looking forward to hearing more. Will be interesting to see how long before the boys notice that he is there.