Tuesday, December 15, 2009

A No Tree Holiday

I have so much unpacking to do and no where to put it that I just want to put my Yule and Christmas things away until next year.  Is that wrong?  I feel like I am getting no where with the unpacking and organizing.  I have so much laundry to do and with there being so many people in the house it seems the machines are always in use when I am home. 
I have all my presents purchased but just can't get into it this year with the passing of my grandfather and moving and my oldest's life drama, the move and well just everything, wow just realized I haven't taken my meds yet LOL  wow I am so A.D.D.!
I need some kind of energy recharge!  HELP!!!!!

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Dede said...

No it is not wrong. I would totally do the same thing. Get my house organized and chores caught up. You have to take care of yourself and stressing isn't the way to do it. Sending lots of energy your way. Now take a deep breath and breathe.