Sunday, December 26, 2010

Christmas 2010

Went to the parents today for Christmas dinner, everyone except 1 grandchild were there it was wonderful to see everyone.  It was none stressful I enjoyed time with each of my sisters, enjoyed talking to Mom while I helped dry dishes, laughed and loved all of my nieces and nephews and my great niece and great nephew that's right the 1 missing child, was my oldest.  He spent the night at his dad's with his brother and then came here in the early afternoon and said he wasn't feeling well, I personally think he wanted to go home and check on his new moved in gf but that is not my problem, he was missed.
This year we talked about anxiety, depression and therapy as they are normal topics lol  well in my world they are and now in the world of my middle sister with her youngest and we are realizing my youngest sister had some anxiety issues when she was younger too.
This was the Christmas I have dreamt of with my family I didn't feel odd, out of place, the 'black sheep' I felt like I was a part of this big wonderful family! 
I literally felt like I was loved and normal and man does that feel awesome!  Ok enough gushy shit, time for pictures.  OH my American sister from another mother Eva was very upset I did not get any pictures of my parents this year and I am truly sorry for that, here is what I took.

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