Monday, April 04, 2011

Doctor's Today

Well had my appointment today that should have been a week ago, he understood me wanting to wait until I had worked my first week.  He was pleased with my progress and agreed once I get the hang of working I will get back to exercising and was very happy I am continuing my meditations.
I confessed to starting smoking again after having a day of considering life would be better off without me in it and he said he understood and said to try and go down a cigarette a day until I am down to just 10 then we will work from there.
He wants to see me again after a month on my higher dose of med's as per my shrinks, then he will write me a script for a longer period of time so I don't have to see him weekly or bi monthly unless I need to.
So he was pleased, I was pleased now I need a wee nap.


Anonymous said...

Glad to hear it went well. Get off them cancer sticks girl or I'm gonna have to kick your ass.

Stacy Evans said...

Wishing you luck! Something you might want to try is reading the book "Allan Carr's easy way to quit smoking". It worked for my parents, both me and my husband, and many friends and family. No side effects, no withdrawal. Glad it went well also!

Vicky said...

Glad that things are going well for you. I need to drop the cig habbit this year also.

Dede said...

I am thrilled that things are finally starting to work out. It has been a very long road with a lot of detours. Now about that smoking, you have to quit, not for you but for your boys and grand child. Think about them Sherry, because you aren't thinking about my friend. Love you, please quit that hurtful habit.