Saturday, April 02, 2011

The joy I find in the Elements

Wicca has 5 elements, Air which is the East direction, Fire which is South, Water which is West, Earth that is North and Spirit which is Center. 
This happy blog is going to show pictures that I have found on the web for each element.  Pictures that really say it for me how I feel about each one.
Spring Awakening Goddess
The Maiden
Summer Goddess with the Fire like hair
Autumn comes the Crone
Dark Goddess

This Dark Goddess is Hecate
Spirit is All the Goddesses

Triple Goddess, Maiden, Mother and Crone
The stages of Life

Beautiful Banner with all the Elements represented.
I hope you have enjoyed my versions of the elements, they are truly a vision and everyone sees them differently with their own views, paths and eyes.
Blessed Be!

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Dede said...

I love Mickie Muller's art, she is fantastic! Thanks for sharing so many gorgeous pieces of art!