Friday, April 15, 2011

Dinner Challenge a.k.a. The Last Supper

Dark Mother Goddess has tagged me in this fun challenge and now I'm tagging you.
Who would you invite to dinner?
Choose 6 people, living or dead, that you'd like to invite over for dinner. Choose freely, they can be friends and/or family, famous or infamous people.

All I want from you is a motivation as to why you've chosen these people, both on a personal level as well as what you think the individuals might add to the group. You may also add what you would serve for dinner.
Tag as many or as few people as you like. If you've read this post you've been tagged for the challenge!

Don't forget to let me know in the comments when you're done with the challenge so I can read who you've chosen.
A special 'honorary tag' goes to some of my favorite peeps in blogging:

Here is my list of others I would want to invite and why...

Scott Cunningham,
It was his books that showed me I wasn't crazy, there was actually a religion that made me feel like I had come "HOME"!  He was an amazing man an awesome writer and so down to earth.

Dorothy Morrison is one of the sweetest Witches, smokes and drinks coffee like a fiend!
An amazing writer, sewer and she has so many ideas of things, I could smoke and talk to her for hours!

The cast of my favorite show Criminal Minds!
Each of them are beautiful and who WOULDN'T want eye candy at dinner??

KuanYin Goddess of Mercy and Compassion who came to me during my emotional struggles and wiped my tears away and reminded me there are so many that are far off in worst ways than I.
And like me her favorite tree is a weeping willow!

James Michael yummmmmmmy tattoo'd man with an amazing voice! Any man who will tweet about his cat is okay in my books not to mention he is pure SEX on stage! He is part of Sixx:A.M.

Nikki Sixx my other tattoo'd obsession!  He is the Sixx of Sixx:A.M.
Song writer, bass guitarest with Motley Crue and an amazing writer and photographer and has the worst taste in women.
After reading his Herion Diaries, finding out what he had done to himself and how he almost didn't make it, it was only his looks I was after, but I have come to learn that this is a very spiritual man who really cares for those who are disfigured, ill, and sees the beauty from within people.
Lastly, an amazing cross stitch designer, mother and friend.  Lisa Roswell of the Primitive Needle.
She died in a flood earlier this year and my goal as a designer was to go to Market to actually meet her in real life.
I know she followed one of our paths, her designs and pictures I have seen of her gardens and home made me think she may have been in the magikal closet so many live in still.  She would have been a delight to have at our dinner!
Now for the menu:  TAKE OUT!!  I hate cooking, and would rather spend my time not missing a word of the conversations we would be having! 

I would like to hear from all those who accept this dinner, and find out who they would like at their last supper!

Love and Light to you all!


Anonymous said...

Awesome eclectic guest list, love it! Thanks for participating biatch ; )

Inis said...

I actually got to meet Dorothy Morrison This year. She is amazing. Check This out it will tell you more.
But I love your pics too..
Witchy hugz

Moonwillow said...

My last supper has been posted!