Sunday, April 03, 2011

Off for 2 wonderful days! and More!

I feel like I have worked WAY more than just 3 damn days, I am exhausted!
Extreme exhaustion
I am So EXCITED to have 2 days off!
extreme happiness Buddha
I have lost my glasses and can't see SHiT hope to find them this weekend!
I need her! She is the Saint of Lost glasses LOL

Says it all!
April Is Autism Awareness Month


Dede said...

I hope that your glasses soon. I do understand, some weeks seem to last forever while others seem like they just get started and are over. I am looking forward to receiving the cross stitch! Although it will be a few weeks before I can even think about working on that quilt. It is the pressure that it takes to use the rotary cutter, I just am not able to use that much pressure right now. Not like I don't try nearly everyday. I do hope that you rest up on your two days off, so that you can start fresh on your Monday. You have a lot to do at the end of the month to get behind on rest this early in the month. Wishing you a restful weekend!


Anonymous said...

I remember when I worked in the real world (as opposed to the drudgery I do around this cottage of mine) and those 2 days off never seemed I get 1 day a month when Littleman is at about not enough.