Friday, July 29, 2011

Butterflies, Dragonflies and Men!

Interesting title I think, well it is for 2:41am LOL
I have decided I want to decorate my bathroom with butterfly and dragonfly prints, however it doesn't have an exhaust fan and I'm worried they will mildew.  Any suggestions?  I don't want stencils.

Love this!



Dragonfly Goddess
I have released the wall from around my heart and am ready to share my life with a man.  I don't want just any man, I want one that is seasoned lol {nice way to say my age and older} must have teeth, and I don't care if they are dentures, very long story behind that.  If he isn't pagan or wiccan I want him to be open to my spirituality as I would be to his.  I am looking for my life partner and it has been sooooo many years since I have dated, and only met jerks online I don't know where to begin.  Now friends have said do a spell, put your self out there but doesn't that make free will go out the window?  Is it fair to use my craft this way?  I just don't know.  I am fine alone, I make my own money, pay my own bills and am not to bad to look at, see..
help me those of you in happy relationships, what do I do?


Vicky said...

You can share my man if you want, when he pisses me off I can send him to the other end of the world for a bit and then you can send him back LOL. Just joking, seriously someone will pop into our life when you least expect it. I wouldn't use my craft for personal gain, it just doesn't sit right with me.

Oh and as long as you get some sort of air flow through your bathroom you should be fine eg leave the door open when you have finished in there to let it dry out.

Vicky said...

Oh and when I first saw the title of your post I thought "oh all buggy things that can be squished" LOL

Anonymous said...

As for the butterflies and dragonflies, I use these things called wallies. You can find them in craft stores and online by googling "wallies".

As for magic to find a man, I say go for it. Open your heart and let your wishes known to the Universe and the Goddess. Make a dream board with what you would like your life to become. Always end that spell with "for the highest good of all and with harm to none".

I can't wait to see how this turns out you witchy woman.

Shelley said...

I am in a happy relationship, but I don't have any advice on how to do it! I do feel like my life guided my to my partner - the first time we met in real life, I just felt this click, like everything fell into place. We are not perfect, but we're perfect for each other!

As for the spell - you can do spellwork that asks for what you want and specify you only want it with someone who you will be good for and make happy, too. I also don't believe spells can take away a person's free will unless it is VERY specific and focused on an individual with a lot of intent behind it. Whatever you decide - getting out and trying things out is definitely a must. I had a friend who said dating was a numbers game. You have to play a *lot* for the right number to come up. Good luck!

Wizardess said...

I love that dragonfly Goddess! I second Dark Mother's comment. Do yourself a nice ritual announcing to the Universe that you are seeking love. For me, it's only when you target someone specifically, esp if they are unwilling, that would cause harm.

Then start getting out & about so that you can run into the right people. I had good luck online...but it took awhile. I have noticed many single men at Vegan Meetups, and they seem to be looking, cause they announce their singularity when group intros are done! Blessings!

Sonia said...

Wow! I am seeing dragonflies everywhere lately and even posted about them on my last entry. So serendipitous! So of course, I think the dragonflies are a terrific idea for your decor!