Tuesday, July 05, 2011

Update on Life here in Ontario

Not Ontario Ca lol But Ontario Canada
My beloved province!
My city
Not sure why I wanted to map my story today, just sort of happened LOL
Anyway, things here have been work sleep overtime REPEAT...
Today I went in for 10 hours of OT and was sent home early due to lack of work, however my team could have used me for damn sure but that was not the case.  So I went to a Salvation Army store and found the perfect table to use as an altar in my dining room!! $8.99 so sweet!  I also found a picture for a huge wall I have in the living room.  It is called The Lady of Shalott by J. W. Waterhouse LOVE IT!!!
The Lady of Shalott
I love this picture and just had to have it for this one wall!
Found a shelf for my kitchen window that doesn't open that will do for scared space in the kitchen I will put a little shrine there with incense, a cauldron, tea lights and some herbs... very excited

I have always kept my home for my kids, well since they are grown and the one that lives here is very rarely here, I am going to make it for ME!!!

Just need an area rug in the living room and move shit around to how I want it and how it will reflect who I am and I will be so much happier.  The computer has to stay on the wall in the dining room as the house spirits do not like it anywhere else NOT JOKING they have moved my chair with me in it, moved stuff around on it not to mention the throwing of an APPLE at the tower!  Nothing has happened since I moved it so I will leave it alone lol  And the cabinets I put where the desk use to be, are perfectly fine, no activity with them at all.  So I guess they are pleased with the set up there. 
I am going to hang my witch paintings above my desk and frame some more family pictures for walls and start sewing up some cross stitch pieces and get them  up on my walls too.  Still have lots to unpack and put away and I am going to start that tomorrow!

Dream well my readers, my Goddess protect and keep all of your families well.
~~Blessed Be~~


Anonymous said...

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Vicky said...

Love the picture :)

Dede said...

I am so happy for you! Finally your space! Send me one that you would like to be center of the element wall hanging so I can start working on that. Have got the North, it is gorgeous, when I seen it, it screamed at me SHERRY! So one down and three to go. But hey Joanns always has new stuff. Enjoy your space and make it a peaceful place for yourself. Love you!