Thursday, July 07, 2011

1 son moves out, the other moves in

I should be sleeping, however I am not.  Today my youngest son moved out.  He is going to be working full time at a plant 2 minutes from his father's so he moved in there for the summer and will be moving back in the fall before college.  It was heart breaking to say the least!  I bawled like a baby seeing my grown up baby leave.  An hour before that happened, my oldest showed up looking like shit, turns out he has been living on the fucking streets the past month, WTF??? 
So I talked to Joe when he came in and was packing and I was sobbing and he said "well mom change my blanket, pillow and sheets and he can move into my room for the summer and maybe you can get his ass moving in the right direction".  Wow how can 19 be so smart!
So I approached Mike, asked him if he would like to stay here for the summer then look for a place to live.  He agreed!  So now I don't have to stress about where and how and who he is living with and I know Joe is safe at his dads.  Maybe I can get Mike on his med's for his bi-polar properly while he is here!

A happy Mom!


Vicky said...

You are there for them and that is what counts :)

Anonymous said...

Vicky's right. As I ain't for sissies.

Dede said...

Oh my word! This sounds like my house. Last week my oldest, my daughter and her three children moved back home. I am so thankful that it lasted only about 2 weeks. I don't ever want to see my kids or anyone else's kids living on the streets, but I would have never thought of moving back into my parents house with my kids. Just the thought of that makes me laugh. Any way they worked things out, and hoping that Joe gets it together real fast too. Love you!