Friday, February 24, 2012

PBP 2012 week 8 Dd Divination

Divination, this could be a very long blog as I use my pendulum almost daily, pull a tarot card for guidance each day, carry certain stones for different meanings... there is so much to divination, I could go on and on.  I have been drawn to Animal symbolism lately and the decks I have didn't seem to be helping me much so visiting a friend's shop she had a deck of Animal Spirit Knowledge cards so I purchased them.  Everyday I played with this deck and got nothing from it, well nothing that was looking for, so I asked my beautiful chevron amethyst pendulum that I work with every day if I needed a new deck of cards and she said yes, so I asked do I still need to have more Animal magick in my life, and again it was yes.  So off to a different 'occult' store as it is called and as soon as I walked in the door I started rubbing my hands together without noticing I was doing it.  The lovely lady behind the counter, I am horrible with names, asked me what I was looking for and I said I was just browsing and she said, no you are looking for something LOL I love witches!  So I told her I was looking for a new tarot or oracle deck and she and I looked at the cabinet that held hundreds of decks. Apparently I was still rubbing my hands together, so she said Sherry take a look through the binders on the counter, close your eyes and just use your hands to run above but over each page until I felt anything.  So I did, she marked each page with sticky notes and she had me do this with 3 binders full of pages, of what I didn't know but trusted her energy so I went with it.  When I felt something, she would not only put a sticky on the page but ask me how strong the tingle or heat or whatever I felt from the page was and she marked it down.  2 of the binders were a bust but the 1 that I did feel a number of vibrations up my arm, or warmth from had 4 pages that spoke to me.  So I then opened my eyes and looked at the cards and 3 were animal decks and 1 was on archangels. I laughed and said I could only afford to pick up 1 deck so I walked around, checked out some new book arrivals, smelt some pretty oils and candles and although I have been in this shop at least 50 times or more at the end of the one counter I have always been drawn.  Now this counter has many stones under glass and wonderful incense on the top so I figured that was what it was or maybe the Goddess statue for 29.99 on the wall or perhaps the tiny cauldrons... NO the woman walked over and said you always stop in this area every time you come in and put her hand up on the wall shelf and there was the deck of cards that had sent a strong and wonderful vibration up my arm!  I never laughed so hard, I was almost in tears from laughter... She handed me this box of cards called Animal Dreaming Oracle cards  by Scott Alexander King.  I felt like I had found my Cards.  I started reading the book before looking at the cards, and loved it immediately!  They are done by Elements which is my BIG thing for some reason.
Oracle Cards
So when I woke up I did the first spread in the book, it was a 5 card spread, read the meaning of each spot and then the card, btw the artist that did the cards was surely blessed by the Gods and Goddess' as each card is STUNNING!  So when my best friend and I were out joining a gym on Thursday I purchased a brand new journal so that each day I can do one of the spreads and record my findings.  I can proudly state that I have the right deck for me now and I am going to learn everything I can about the Animal magick I need in my life and have a record of my journey with these beautiful and insightful cards!

~~ May Goddess hold you tight as you dream and your Animal spirits, Spirit Guide and Angels keep you safe as you journey through this life ~~ Blessings ~~


Anonymous said...

I couldn't love this story any more. Those cards look amazing. I may just have to check them out. I have such an oracle more wouldn't make me a Hoarder would it?

Tarot Palace said...

Hi! Just wanted to stop by and say that I really like your blog.
Very amusing story about how you find the right cards for you. Looking forward to your next post :D

Moonwillow said...

I'm going to take your advice about my pendulum. Many thanks!