Tuesday, March 13, 2012

I am still alive lol sorry to disappoint LMAO

~~ Edited due to Dumbassery!~~
Ok, so I am way behind on my Pagan Blog project, all my blogs I read and on keeping up with people.  For this I am sorry.
The kids and I drove up north to see my beautiful witch sister Shannon and her family and I got to go with our daughter to her ultra-sound and non-stress test and got to see my beautiful witchlet before she is born and the tech even gave me a picture of her for free!!  Rhonda used her phone in the non-stress test room to record Ellie's heart beat and it is so strong and when she heard her Uncle Mike's voice she started kicking and moving like mad.  It was awesome and one of the best days of my life!
I knit her a sweater set for Ellie to come home from the hospital in and can't wait to see her, as she is being induced on March 19th and shouldn't be born until the 20th which in my realm is Ostara, the spring equinox!
This little witch is going to be so talented and beautiful just like her mother!

In a rage of non belief I smashed both my pendulums as I truly thought my Goddess given gift was no longer working for me, however it just was wrong on the timing.  I just hope I can find another that is as accurate and beautiful to work with.  Thursday I am going for a crystal reiki session and free stone reading, so exciting!

Well I better go make dinner for the kids LMAO
Love and Light to you all, I will soon be back to the land of blogging and get caught up with my stuff.

~~~ may the Gods and Goddess' keep you safe on your journey~~

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Vicky said...

I am so happy for you :0)