Wednesday, April 04, 2012

Falling behind in Life

Well it has been a while since I have posted and I am so far behind in the Pagan blog project I am embarrassed with myself.  I am on another stress leave from work and hoping to go back soon since the insurance company has not approved my claim and have $18.00 to my fucking name!  
One of my dearest friends is coming up next week from Boston and I couldn't be more stoked if I tried, but then feel shitty I can't really do anything with her while she is here other than love on her and do lots of girl talk.  

I go back to the doctor's and the shrink on Tuesday thanks to the long Easter weekend, and hopefully they have some idea as to why I have developed dizzy spells with the odd black out here and there when my blood pressure is awesome.  Think I will have to push for a EEG or EKG or whatever it's called and a CT scan.  They say my med's are fine which is good since I am sure it is a loose fucking wire causing all this bullshit right now.  Looks like some good news on the DBT clinic fight and I may just take the regular shrink and the 20 week course for coping skills as they tell me I am intelligent enough to follow instruction LOL WTF??
Batshit Crazy!
Scarry assed coaster! I want off!

I just want to be well enough to work and be able to buy my med's, pay my bills, which are falling very behind thanks to the insurance company not approving me yet.  I can't even afford the note I require for being sane enough to return or insane enough to not return to work yet, not to mention I can't fill any prescriptions right now either.  I feel like I am on a roller coaster and as much as I use to love those fuckers, I sure as hell want off right the fuck NOW!

So tired of everything, think I will head to the chilly beach today and collect rocks for the kids as part of what they want to do for their wedding.  Just wish life would give me a fucking break instead of me feeling broken.

On the good news front, damn Aquarian in me has to have something good to add!  I have been cross stitching a wonderful design Salem Sisters by Plum Street Samplers and going to start Salem Sisters II and I hear the lovely Paulette is thinking of a 3rd!!!  Blessed my pointy hat!!
These are the 2 designs and when I finish mine today, I will post the picture of my version of it.
Salem Sisters

Salem Sisters II

I wish you all the most wonderful of days, may the sunshine warm your heart and make you feel like you are loved without question!  Blessed Be!


Ila East said...

I'm so sorry to hear about you medical problems. Have you tried a spell of some kind yet?

Vicky said...

Sorry to hear that things are not going to plan at the moment, but I am glad to see you xstitching, it is my therapy when I need it :)