Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Update on Life in my Realm

Monday, I went and picked up my friend Melissa from the airport.  She came for a week to visit from our Boston office, she is awesome and it's great having her here!
Tuesday was Shrink and Doctor day.  They are finding me my own therapist which is great and getting me into the DBT therapy that I dearly need, YA good news there!  
The dizzy spells have only gotten worse so like a good doctor should do, he pulled my driver's licence until we know why I am having these and I am on the list for a MRI and CT scan.  
Thursday I go for an ultrasound on my neck to make sure there are no blockages in my arteries or any damage that may be causing these spells to happen.
Due to the removal of my drivers licence, we had to postpone my mammogram and breast ultrasound until I can find a way to get to that clinic as it is in another city.
Today we are going to organize all the craft bins in my room and make my room into a peaceful area where I can meditate and do my exercises, since I am terrified to go to the gym right now.  
Then this evening we are meeting up with some of the people in my office to party with Melissa, thank Goddess she is driving and thankfully Faith will be driving us home since Melissa will be trashed LOL

Just taking this one day at a time, I am off work until June 10th now which means I will not be able to go to Indiana as planned in July, which all I can say is that is horribly sucky!!!  
Really wanted to see my family there again!  
It is a waiting game right now and I was never good at that part of life, so now I have a reason to try harder in that department.  
Life is precious and I have too much to live for to give up NOW!

~~Blessed Be!~~


Anonymous said...

Waiting is no fun, but it sounds like things are moving. Moving is good.

Keltikmystique said...

My goodness! Busy busy busy! Great news on the therapy :) I will pray that the dizziness is a factor of something really mild and temporary. Maybe its just an inner ear infection or something really simple.