Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Pictures from the Wedding

Since I am still feeling like hell and my tooth is KILLING me I thought I would post some pictures from the wedding that I love.

Aunt Faith and my boys

Aunt Faith LMAO love my sister

Groom with Grandma

Mom and Dad and Joe

Me and my boys

My boyfriend, my Granddaughter, my Daughter

Me and My Mom

Nana with Ellie

Mr and Mrs Chemerys

Me and Joe

Kyla Rhonda and Summer

Wedding Party

Uncle Mike and Ellie

Dancing with the man of my dreams!

Mr and Mrs Chemerys

My beautiful sister Shannon, Daughter Kyla and Grandbaby Ellie

Giving Love

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Anonymous said...

Love it! Her bouquet is so gorgeous. Red Roses, my favorite.