Saturday, August 18, 2012

that deep dark shift of me

well it is happening again, I can feel it deep down inside me starting to creep to the surface again and I am fighting it, but sadly it is winning.
I really hate feeling this way and some people just more or less say, Suck it Up Princess it is Life.  Well, actually it is NOT life it is wanting to be in a corner or a box or a closet or a bed, alone and not bothered for ever.

A little dramatic?  Yes, but that is the feeling.  This is a normal reaction for me and usually I fight it tooth and nail, but I think I may just let it cover me for a few days and then start to fight it.  too much stress has been in my life lately and now it is time for me to just let myself go into the darkness for a bit and see what emerges on the other side.
Will be posting wedding pictures very soon, sadly the hand fasting has been cancelled by the bride and groom.

~~May the God and Goddess hold us all in their arms, until we meet again~~

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Anonymous said...

I am just emerging from a depression that started back in June. It is the darkest and hardest depression I've had 13 years. I made it through and you will too. Everytime you hear that inside voice say "I can't do this" you reply "I am doing this". You are alive with each inhale of breath into your body. You are doing it and you will continue to do it as long as this fog has descended. It will lift. In the meantime, what I did was to take it hour by hour and make myself do little things that I knew had to get done. Those little things (um, showering) helped more than you know.

Hugs momma, it's gonna be ok.