Sunday, August 12, 2012

Why I have been glowing lately...

So, I have these amazing neighbours on my street, actually quiet a few of them are truly amazing people that I enjoy spending my time off with.  However, my friends Lisa and Matt live on the other side of the street and 4 houses down, they have an 11 week old Pug named 'Darla', a Rottie named 'Gunther' and 2 of the most adorable children Faith who is 3 years old and William who is 8 months.  I have been dating Matt's dad for about a month or so now and he makes me so very happy!  We go for walks, we talk, watch movies and eat dinner together most nights.
He is retired military, retired from a steel company and knows so much useless information it isn't funny LOL, however I can sit and listen to him talk for hours and it is so soothing and enjoyable!  I can tell you I have not been this happy spending time with someone my age, well he is 5 years older, but you get the picture.  His grand daughter calls me Nana and I thought I would hate that, but i LOVE it!  Lisa is fast becoming one of my dearest friends, I love her like a daughter, not to mention she is the right age to be my daughter, so I here by adopt her!  I feel so blessed to be a part of their family!

Randy and William

The Family

Randy, William and I

Faith's 3rd Birthday

Me, Flower girl and Randy

Randy and I at dinner
I am waiting on a special picture of us dancing at my son's wedding, and will post it when I get it.  I never thought I would have another chance at happiness at my age, with my weight and .... well you know negative self image insertion there.  However, I know different now!

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